Suggested Donations

Cancer care is expensive, and we understand the difficulties that families face when dealing with a diagnosis. We are happy to provide free TeleOncology services to Indian patients. However, if a patient and family can contribute, the following donations are encouraged with all proceeds further dedicated to the Indian Healthcare System. 

Patient Consultations

Our suggested donation for a first consultation with a physician expert is 8000 rupees. Donations for subsequent discussions with an expert, when deemed beneficial, are left up to the patient and family. Additional visits are felt helpful following a local scan result, need for change in cancer treatment, or clinical deterioration of a patient's condition. 

Institutional Support

The cost of providing expert insight to cancer practices of varying sizes depends on our initial cost-free consultation. If it seems that we may be beneficial to a program's success, we can discuss the optimal contribution for our services. Offerings that lead to substantial increased income to a private center will drive higher estimates for our services.

We are very happy to serve public institutions treating lower-income patients for free. 


Payment Options

We accept online contributions via any UPI payment method. We can also direct transfer to our Indian-based account. If these are options are difficult, we can certainly look into another option.