USA Oncologist

Providing Expert Opinions to Cancer Patients and Centers Internationally

All Contributions are Dedicated to Improving Access to Cancer Care

Our goal is to serve patients and cancer centers

We provide second opinions to patients and providers regarding the management of cancers and hematologic conditions

We offer guidance to international institutions seeking to develop cancer programs or to gain access to clinical trials

We only accept donations from those who have comfortability, and we use this money to contribute to the Indian healthcare system

Our services are currently available to Patients and Centers in India

Recent Examples of Patient Consultations

We are happy to provide insight regarding nearly all adult cancers and hematologic conditions for Indian patients 18 years or older.

We helped a patient in his mid-60s understand the process to review a mass in his abdomen. He was ultimately found to have stage IIB diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Shortly thereafter, he developed a relationship with an excellent hematologist in India and now has a complete remission. 

A patient with stage IV lung cancer in his 70s has been dealing with residual disease in one of his lungs and a painful tumor in his upper spine. We reviewed the PET scan with him and his family and kindly suggested radiation to these individual sites. The patient's most recent scan showed a favorable response, and his pain has improved markedly. He is well-aware he most likely has a terminal illness and has a great relationship with his oncology team in India.

A family of a woman in her mid-50s with end-stage breast cancer was considering her options. We reviewed her several prior treatments and responses to therapies. We had an open conversation with her family and indicated that focusing on her quality of life and restricting further chemotherapy was her most reasonable option. They were hurt by the situation but were kindly appreciative of the honest input. 

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